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How do I prepare and upload my tracks?

If you have already started mixing your song and applied any effects, its usually best to disable these unless they are integral to your production.  This could be a guitar amp simulation plug in that you’ve chosen or a EQ filter sweep for example.  If you’re in any doubt then please just ask or send both ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ tracks .

Please make sure the tracks aren’t clipping at all, for this just make sure none of the channels are going into the red.  There’s no need to set everything to zero or normalize anything. 

When exporting its best for me to receive them at a bit depth of 24bit and a sample rate that you used to record.  (for most people this normally 44.1Khz or 48khz).


After purchasing the service you require you can use an upload service such as Wetransfer to upload your tracks.  Please include your Paypal transaction code in the comments box.

The maximum file size for a single upload is 2gb so if you are uploading multiple songs then it may be necessary to split them up into different archives.

It’s best to zip all the files for each individual song up into a single archive to keep everything neat and tidy. Please make sure to label your files so they contain the track name and preferably your name (or artists name).  If you are familiar with .rar archives then this a great method also as these types of files are generally more compacted and quicker to send.

Can I use my own file hosting site or server to send files?

Yes you can. I receive files through many different file transfer sites. All you need to do is send an email to to let me know where the files are stored and how to access them. 

Do you mix different genres (Hip-Hop, Metal, Country, Folk, Reggae, Rock, Pop, EDM etc..) 

I have mixed and mastered a huge range of musical styles over the years so I have the experience in learning the needs of expression in all major forms of music. For specific mixing details concerning your sub-genre, it’s always better if you can give me as much information as possible about your influences in order to get to the heart of the sound you’re looking for.

What equipment do you use? 

The studio is a hybrid blend of analogue and in the box processing, a kind of best of both worlds approach! The studio is centered the sonically excellent Allen &Heath GSRM. The monitoring environment has been custom built and I use a good range of monitors, SE Egg, JBL, Yamaha (speakers), Sennheiser, Sony, AKG (headphones). I have a recording facility,  a dedicated mixing room and an editing suite.  Outboard processing from Urei, Lexicon, Amek, Drawmer,TL Audio, RME, DBX, Focusrite etc. In the box I have  Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Waves, SSL, Softube and many more plug-ins.  Certainly enough to perform the mixing and mastering with a breadth of options to get the results you desire.

How do I export Individual files from Pro Tools

I've prepared a step by step guide to exporting your tracks from Pro tools here.  PRO TOOLS EXPORT GUIDE

And a video below.

How do I export Individual files from Logic

I've prepared a step by step guide to exporting your tracks from Logic here.  LOGIC EXPORT GUIDE

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