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Mastering is the process of taking the mixed track to the final stage of realization. This usually involves Equalization  Compression and Limiting to make sure the track is well rounded and loud enough to compete with other professional mixes whilst not sounding too squashed or affected by this process. Some issues of unwanted spikes, noise and stereo problems can also be addressed at this stage.

Your mix should be sent without or with very little mix compression and especially no limiting in order to give me the opportunity to correctly maximize your track.

Generally, it is preferable to deal with whole album masters in order to govern sonic smoothness between different songs. For instance, you may have some songs that were recorded at different times and with different equipment. In this instance it may be necessary to attempt to homogenize the tracks to lessen the difference in sound that would otherwise be noticeable and undesirable.

 You will receive your mastered songs in 2 days (1 song) 3 days for an EP and 5 days for an album. 

If you require a DDP image for CD duplication then this can be provided for you at no extra cost.

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