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Mixing and Mastering Online is a professional online mixing and mastering service that will lift your music to the next level. 

Mixing and Mastering Engineer Nick Dawes is the owner of La Source Studio.  Combining 20 years of experience and a fantastic high quality hybrid digital/analog studio.  Your mixes will be lifted to another level and be radio ready for professional release.


Time spent mixing can mean the difference between a good recording and a great one. With the individual component tracks you've already recorded, I can make a huge difference to the final result with careful tonal, dynamic balancing and creative forming of depth whilst paying close attention to vocal tuning and timing issues. 

Mastering is the process of taking the mixed track to the final stage of realization.This involves Equalization  Compression and Limiting to make sure the track is well rounded and loud enough to compete with other professional mixes whilst not sounding too squashed or affected by this process. 

If your project has multiple songs such as an EP or Album then I can offer big savings to make this affordable.  The EP package is for 4 songs and the Album is 10 songs.  If your project contains a different amount of songs then please get in touch for a quote at

The studio is a hybrid blend of analog and in the box processing, a kind of best of both worlds approach! The monitoring environment has been custom built and I use an excellent range of monitors, Munro Egg 150, UREI 809, Yamaha NS 10's (speakers), Sennheiser, Sony, AKG (headphones).


Outboard processing from Neve, SSL, Urei, Eventide, Lexicon, Amek, Drawmer, Allen &Heath, RME, DBX, Focusrite etc. In the box I have  Pro Tools, Cubase, Waves, SSL, Slate and many more plug-ins. 


Converters by Prism Sound. 

The Studio
Clients of the online service

Nick is a fantastic engineer,

great ideas that really

lifted the projects

David Zincke


Hi Nick, it’s so beautiful. Thank you so much. You always do such an elegant job!


With experience in producing tracks for high profile clients and in most genres, I can bring this knowledge and experience to your project, giving your songs the balance they need to reveal their true quality. Thank you for taking the time to visit Mixing and Mastering Online. I hope you find what you are looking for at a highly competitive price.

As one of the original online mixing and mastering services and still going strong after 16 years, I have mixed hundreds of albums and thousands of singles along with music for feature films and adverts.

My experience in the business goes back 20 years as an artist and I have been mixing for over 15 years. Over the years the nature of the online mixing service has been refined to give the artist/label the best possible combination of quality, efficiency and affordability.


Why choose Mixing Mastering Online?

Professional Results
Quick Turnaround
Affordable Prices

First of all, I have a fully acoustically designed and treated mixing room, this is a costly but necessary requirement before any mixing can take place.  It's often overlooked by many but it's such an important part of the job that it has to been mentioned before any other aspect.

Secondly, many years of experience in different genres enables me to approach each mix with the confidence and knowledge of how to get the best results from the piece of music in front of me, as each piece is unique and should be treated this way.

Thirdly, I have a range of equipment that I've built up over my 15 years in the industry that I know very well and can trust to assist me in delivering what I need both sonically and with the efficiency needed to deliver a competitively priced and fast service.

Finally, I love music and my passion is to make each project I work on the best possible sounding record I can.  I constantly challenge myself to learn new techniques and apply them to my workflow.  It's a fast paced industry and it's my job to offer artists the skills required to stay fresh.

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Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your project.  I have a basic outline of prices relating to different types of projects but I can provide bespoke quotes based on your needs, timeframe and budget.

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