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Roland SH2000-Vintage Roland Analog Nostalgia

I happened upon this amazing little synth purely by accident at a yard sale and with preset names like 'Funny Cat' and 'Frogman', I honestly wasn't expecting much. My enthusiasm quickly elevated when I flicked through a few presets like 'Bass Guitar' and 'French Horn' and heard the sound of an early 70's synth in its purist form. These sounds really stand out when mixing and mastering.

With the included filter these presets came to life and sounded huge and instantly became a must have instrument that I would continue to use for the next 10 years. The apparent drawback of only having presets and no means to fine tune your sounds becomes a complete positive when you know you can rely on it having a few sounds that you know you will always come to.

The expressiveness of the keyboard controls adds to its stock also, you can effect aspects such as vibrato, pitch bend, volume plus Wow and Growl! Who doesn't want to effect these things??

All in all, I would say at the right price, this thing is great at what it does, it also looks cool and doesn't take up too much space.


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