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What are the main steps to Online Mixing and Mastering?

1. The first thing I do is to organise, label and colour code each track. For example each drum track would be collected and placed next each other in Pro Tools, I will then colour them and set a common output bus.

2. Gain structure is my next concern setting the overall levels to make sure my Master bus is not clipping.

3. A basic balance is my objective now, this involves adjusting relative levels but also starting to add insert effects like EQ and compression, I will also set up some auxiliary channels for spacial effect like reverb/delay. I will also listen to any rough mix to make sure I am paying attention to the intended balance. My Master bus inserts will start to load up now, mix compression, multiband EQ and compression will be activated and then some limiting to help me hear how my mix is hitting a limiter.

4. I will now get more forensic with the audio itself and make sure there is no unwanted noise or editing errors. With vocals this coud also include tuning and timing issues. Vey fine processing will also be on the agenda like surgical EQ.

5. Automation is now on the agenda making sure there is no masking, for instance a vocal being over powered or drums becoming drowned out in congested sections of an arrangement.

6. Throughout the process I will be listening to the rough mix and now I will be listening to a reference mix of a similar genre, this could be one of my own mixes or something on Spotify.


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